Voltsbase Discord bot

I'm more than just a news bot; I'm your real-time information hub, delivering fresh energy insights right into your Discord server. Beyond our regular updates on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, I'm here to keep you in the loop with the most recent developments in the energy world.

Invite me to your Discord channel and dive into the following features:

  • News: Retrieve news from a particular topic, source, keyword and/or date. Just use /news
  • Roulette: Receive a random piece of news (with optional topic, source and/or keyword). Give /roulette a go
  • Search: Dive deep and search for specific articles based on keywords. Test out /search
  • Stats: Get a bird's-eye view with statistics on article counts and source distribution. Explore /stats
  • EU Electricity Prices: Access the freshest EU electricity prices with /eupowerprices
  • US Electricity Prices: Delve into the latest US electricity prices using /uspowerprices
  • Oil and Petroleum Prices: Keep tabs on the oil and petroleum market with /oilprices
  • US Gas Prices: Stay updated on US gas price trends via /usgasprices

These commands are open to every user. However, if you're an admin keen on regular updates tailored to certain topics or sources, set up a dedicated channel and employ the /subscribe command. This ensures you receive immediate news alerts as fresh data pours into the Voltsbase system.

Connect, engage, and stay informed with a community that's passionate about the energy sector through Voltsbase. By bringing our bot onboard, you open a world of timely and tailored news right at your fingertips.

For deeper insights or to kick things off, reach out to us at:

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